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Obviously you are here for something sweet and delectable, but in the meantime it's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Shai (like Shay) and I'm BRWN SGR! I'm 28 years young with a 1 year old son named July! I'm located in Hamden, CT at the moment and have been baking seriously for the past 5/6 years. Growing up in a family who LOVES to cook, I've always been so fascinated with anything food related. It amazes me how food brings people together and can really change your mood and atmosphere.

I started BRWN SGR for that very reason... to create sweet treats, that spark a delectable joy, to share with loved ones no matter the occasion or day!

With this site, I hope to centralize all information for current, prospect and new clients with all things BRWN SGR! Whether it's a new menu offering, some (coming soon) merchandise, and even to start an inquiry.

Thank you for all the continuous love and support of BRWN SGR, none of this would be possible without it and you! Join me on this journey of growth and ultimately doing more of what I love.


Our mission here at BRWN SGR is to provide quality homemade treats for all to enjoy. We have a passion to not only create delicious beautiful treats, but to provide a seamless sweet experience that exceeds client's expectations every time! With our delectable treats and amazing customer service being our main focus, we aim to keep you craving more BRWN SGR.

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